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Tell me your goal and who you will be negotiating with. I will design a best-fit mock negotiation for you.

Negotiation Villain is a chatbot-base virtual negotiation opponent. It provides a cost-free alternative to professional negotiation coaching. You will be guided through well-proven negotiation frameworks, and practice your desired negotiation scenario before engaging in such conversations in the real word.


Get Coached

Incorporating well-proven negotiation frameworks, the Villain challenges you with key questions that you must prepare for.

Be Prepared

Cunning and stingy at times, the Villain is hard to predict, so are humans.
Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3
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Register Now for Try it FREE!

Let's subscribe with us and find the fun.

Save $99+ per Hour

Do you know professional negotiation coaches charge at least $99 an hour?
The Negotiation Villain is always FREE! Simple dial-up or send a text to start your practice.
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