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Negotiate with Confidence

1 on 1 conversation guided by well-proven negotiation principles helping you achieve your goal.

Best-fit mock negotiation for your scenario

1-on-1 Practice Session Designed for your Goal
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Negotiate your paycheck and promotion

61% of people in the US left money on the table without negotiating their job offer. It is also found that females are much less likely to negotiate their salaries than males (45% vs. 68%). Did you negotiate your pay hard enough?

Buying and Selling

Purchase of a used car

Saving $1000 could have meant a roomful of new furniture, a couple weeks of part time work, or a vacation in Hawaii! Why leave money on the table?

Persuasion in Everyday Life

Convince family members to go to Alaska for vacation

Good negotiation skills save not only money, but also relationships. Is there a difficult conversation that you have been avoiding all the time? You know you need practice. Here is how.

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